Help | TAGger - meta tag generator

This is tool for making HTML tags for head of your web pages.

Adding and maintaining right meta tags (for example desciptive titles and information for robots) you help search engine for better crawling, indexing and present your web page in search engine result pages. Also, you serve information to browser to present your page in better way. Meta tags serve information to various clients, as browsers and search engines. Keep in mind that every client will interpret only meta tags that are in it's interest, while ignoring other meta tags (but they can be useful for other purposes).


Character encoding

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

Parametar "charset" describes character encoding, which is translating characters into group of bits, and opposite. Server send data in user's browser with group of bits, and then browser use these rules defined on web page. If rules are not defined on that web page, browser will use default settings.



<title>Your page title</title>

Declares page title which is presented in browser title (or in bookmarks/favorites). Search engines use this meta tag to present text which leads to your page in search engine result pages. Maximum number pf characters for this tag is about 60.



<meta name="Description" content="Short and relevant description of your page content." />

Presents description of page which contains it. It should contain short and relevant description of web page content. Search engines that supports this use it to display text under your page title in search engine result pages (mostly, exept search engine decide that description is relevant or not). Maximum number of characters for this meta tag is about 150.



<meta name="Keywords" content="keywords,whics,are,relevant,to,your,web,page" />

Contains keywords relevant to your web page, separated by commas. Adding this meta tag will not help your page get to top search results position! Maximum number of keywords should not exceed 7% of page content.



<meta name="Language" content="en" />

Declares primary language on web page. It is used b robots to categorize web page based on language preferences.



<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow" />

This meta tag instruct search engine crawlers how to crawl and index web page. Better solution for telling robots ow to interpret your page is using "robots.txt" file or ".htaccess" file.